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The Cove Hotel


107 McLeod Rd, Patterson Lakes, VIC 3197

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Capturing the spirit of the glorious marina it looks upon, the Cove hotel offers a "wrap-around" decking area that allows you to take-in the entire marina experience at once. It's a terrific place to gaze upon the marina's spectacular water views and aquatic treats. Throw into the mix their critically acclaimed menu and your waterfront experience is complete #### Restaurant The restaurant offersa modern Australian menu and is renowned in the area for its unmatched serviceand quality and value for money. The restaurant changes its menu on a seasonalbasis which ensures a fresh and modern offering all year round. A European inspired tapas menu is also on offer and is perfectly matched with an extensivewine list. Both the deck and the indoor dining areas have splendid viewsoverlooking the Marina, but they do get busy so bookings are recommended to avoid disappointment. 

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